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Default ACL for a Content Node

thorsten zerha
Hi List,

I was looking for a way to set some kind of default ACL for a node.

Basically I'd like nodes defaultly being set to read-only to
authenticated Users (or to a group) - no anonymous read access, BUT
owners should be able to grant read access to the public (anonymous, i

I do not want to uncheck the "Allow Anonymous Access" button, because
there should be anonymous access to granted contents.

So, is the only chance to realise that by trying to find out how the
jcr-accessmanager/ModifyAceServlet works or can you advise me to a
different approach?

AND, in the espblog sample;
setting permissions via objectname.acl.html manually, denying all access
to "anonymous" does NOT result in a permission denied error for
non-authenticated-users. How could that be achieved?

I'd be grateful, if somebody could shed some light on that.