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Fast Feather Track: Apache Sling

Felix Meschberger-2
Hi all,

Better late than never, sorry ...

Here is my proposal for a Fast Feather Track Talk on Apache Sling

Apache Sling - A Content Based Web Development Framework

Building on top of Java Content Repositories (such as Jackrabbit),
implemented as OSGi Bundles, Sling is an extensible Web Development
framework enabling quick development of flexible content based
applications. Sling has the persistence layer already built in, still
the developer is not forced into using low level persistence API by
employing the flexible, configurable the Jackrabbit Object Content

Extensibility of the framework to build and extend applications is
provided by employing the OSGi specification to build a modular and
highly dynamic system: Extensions can be installed, updated and
uninstalled at runtime without forcing the developer and system
administrator into time consuming and error prone stop-build-start

Scripting of Sling applications is supported by integrating script
language environment using the Java Scripting API (JSR-223). Scripts may
be provided by OSGi bundles deployed into Sling or storing the scripts
in the Repository used by Sling.

This presentation highlights the goals of the project and shows how
these goals are met.

About Me: Felix Meschberger works as a senior developer for Day
Management AG ( creating content management systems
using open source and internal tools. Felix is a committer to the Apache
Jackrabbit and Felix projects and just recently contributed Apache Sling
to the Incubator.