I think SLING-7205 is breaking compatilibity on source files.

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I think SLING-7205 is breaking compatilibity on source files.

Santiago García Pimentel

In a client's project we are recently evaluating an update for our sling based CMS. along many things it updates the sightly java compiler. Since the update I noticed that certain java files generated by Sightly wont compile when you use -data-sly-use with classes with the same name.

for example

Before this would create perfectly compilable java files since it would refer to the classes by their FQN every time. Now it generates an import and reference them only by name, causing compilation failures.

Before it would generate a java like this:

        _global_second = renderContext.call("use", "com.client.project.Page", obj());
        _global_first = renderContext.call("use", "com.adobe.cq.wcm.core.components.models.Page", obj());

Now it generates two imports followed by using the class by name

        import com.client.project.Page;
        import com.adobe.cq.wcm.core.components.models.Page;
        _global_first= renderContext.call("use", Page.class.getName(), obj());
        _global_second = renderContext.call("use", Page.class.getName(), obj());

Which wont compile.

Changing my code is not difficult, but this seems to me like a compatibility break which should not happen.


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