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repoinit just with oak - outside sling/osgi

Eugen Stan-2

I've been looking for a way to initialize an Oak repository and I came
across repoinit module [1].

However, I'm using Oak outside of OSGI and I don't need all of Sling.

Is that a use case that can be handled easily? If yes, I'll investigate
and put up some documentation.

Looking at the documentation, it seems to me that in theory it should be
possible, however I saw that I need to implement
|SlingRepositoryInitializer that brings in Sling API, which I shouldn't

To me repoinit language is similar to how SQL migrations are done and
IMO that is a responsibility of the content store, not the web app
especially since the store can be used by more then one micro service.

|The application that uses Oak repo is not a web application and neither
OSGI, and it will cost us to migrate so that is not an option.




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